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CME Online Education Activities

Locums can also fulfil their further education requirements for CALMS online. The following website has been chosen for this purpose: www.thinkgp.com.au

Registration for this website is free, and details of the activities completed will be reported automatically to the appropiate professional college.

The following activities on the “Think GP” website have been approved by CALMS:


Grand Rounds – The High Risk Patient – Part 1


Spot Diagnosis in Ophthalmology 1 – Conjunctivitis, keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes).

Spot Diagnosis in Ophthalmology 2 – Blepharitis, ectropion, entropion, episcleritis, scleritis and anterior uveitis.

Spot Diagnosis in Ophthalmology 3 – Childhood eye conditions including amblyopia and strabismus.

Spot Diagnosis in Ophthalmology 4 – Traumatic eye conditions, retinitis pigmentosa, post surgical inflammation and others.


Pertussis – Preventing adult to child transmission.

Genetics /Reproduction

Sexual Health Case 1 – Sexual history taking